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What is NxStage®* System One?

System One is a portable hemodialysis system with an interface, that allows for easier set-up and is designed for use at home. It provides flexibility to make home hemodialysis (HHD) a practical reality.


Zooming into the System

NxStage® System One offers two dialysate sources. The first one is via PureFlow SL, in which a batch of dialysate can be prepared directly at home and warmed up for the treatment. The second one is via dialysate bags as an alternative for home patients, to avoid the installation of a reverse osmosis system or PureFlow SL.

Cartridge Express
System One
Dialysis fluid from PureFlow SL
NxStage Dialysate bag
Dialysis fluid from pre-filled bags
Express Fluid Warmer
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Cartridge Express

Home HD treatments with NxStage® System One are supported by a custom designed cartridge, that is called the Cartridge Express and includes the integrated dialyser and bloodlines, which facilitates an easier set-up.

Potential benefits:

  • Reduced risk for user errors related to dialyzer connections due to the connection of the dialyzer to the cartridge during manufacturing
  • Reduced risk of touch point contamination sites
  • Simpler, less time-consuming stocking levels for inventory management2


System One

NxStage® System One cycler is the heart of the home hemodialysis treatment. It contains blood and fluid pumps, system controls, and sensors that target to provide an effective, reliable treatment, supported by integrated safety features.

The cycler is operated via a user interface, which may contribute to shorten the necessary training time for patients.4 It‘s compact design enables movability and gives patients the flexibility to dialyze wherever they prefer.

Potential benefits:

  • Short training times and quicker therapy initiation4
  • Dialysis schedule that fits patients' lifestyles
  • Ease of use via a simple user interface and cartridge operations1

Dialysis fluid from PureFlow SL

Creates dialysate using a combination of tap water and a concentrate at the point of care.

Potential benefits:

  • Easy installation, an electrical outlet and a water tap connection are all that are required for operation
  • Generally, no special plumbing modification are required, depending on the individual home situation3
    (Electrical and plumbing requirements are subject to local regulations)


Due to local requirements and regulations the PureFlow SL is not cleared or available for sale in all countries.

Dialysis fluid from pre-filled bags

Pre-filled dialysate bags are an alternative option for home hemodialysis therapy with NxStage® System One.

Potential benefits:

  • By using dialysate bags, patients have the freedom to dialyze wherever they go


Due to local requirements and regulations the dialysis fluid from pre-filled bags is not cleared or available for sale in all countries.

Express Fluid Warmer

The Express Fluid Warmer delivers warmed dialysate from the dialysate bags to the cartridge.
Pre-mixed dialysate bags can be used as an alternative to the PureFlow SL.

Potential benefits:

  • By using an Express Fluid Warmer a pre-warmed dialysate is delivered at the point of care


Due to local requirements and regulations the Express Fluid Warmer is is not cleared or available for sale in all countries.

Benefits of using NxStage®  System One

Designed for home patients

Short training times may encourage patients to start home treatment4

User interface designed for patients

Designed for home

Minor or no home renovations needed

With the NxStage® System One,  patients can dialyze almost in any area of their home

Designed for portability

Lightweight and with a small footprint, the NxStage® cycler can be easily moved around

There are two methods of dialysate supply, bags or PureFlow SL, which provides flexibility, such as when traveling

Designed for frequent and flexible therapy

More frequent therapy possible at home

With NxStage® System One patients can dialyze when they want and for as long as they want

Dialysis schedule follows patients' daily routines

Designed for the ease of handling

Treatment performed with the use of a drop-in cartridge

After treatment - remove the cartridge, wipe the device, and it's done!

Find out more about the use of NxStage® System One in our Educational Resources!

You will find training support dedicated to our customers in our Educational Resources.
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* ”NxStage” is a registered trademark of NxStage Medical Inc. in selected countries