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Values of home hemodialysis

Why patients may benefit from home hemodialysis

Patients who perform home hemodialysis may expand their treatment time per week if required, to improve their treatment outcomes. This may be done by performing their therapy more frequently, four to seven days a week and/or performing their treatment overnight, depending on the patient's condition.

More frequent hemodialysis has been associated with

Less stress on the heart1

Better blood pressure control with fewer medications2

A less restrictive diet3

More flexibility & feeling of control

Home hemodialysis gives your patient the freedom to spend more time doing the things they like to do. Whether their passion is fishing or traveling, more frequent hemodialysis has the potential to give them the flexibility to live their lives better!

More frequent hemodialysis has been associated with

Possibly improved energy level4,5

Quicker recovery time after treatment6

Flexibility to take control of their lives7,8

Improving lives with
Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care offers flexible home hemodialysis therapy options that allow patients to perform treatments during the day or at night while they sleep, allowing them to spend their day their way!

Take part in making patients’ lives easier

As a healthcare professional, together with your patient, you can choose a system that suits their lifestyles and individual treatment requirements.

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